John and Amy’s church-planting journey started while they were living in Suwon, South Korea back in 2009. The Lord began moving in their hearts and gave them a deep love for the Word and for the local church. The next few years would form in them a vision for the local church as the Lord sanctified them for the work of planting. In the Spring of 2012, the Lord pressed upon Jon’s hear the call to pastor a church in Cleburne, TX – a church built upon the Gospel, focused on biblical community, and purposeful local and foreign missions.

John and Amy have committed themselves to following the Lord wherever He leads. The Lord has opened doors for them to minister in Thailand, China, South Korea, Tanzania, and Mexico. John and Amy long to see Christ exalted among the nations and in local churches. As a part of this calling that the Lord has placed upon their lives, John and Amy hope to see the City of Cleburne thrive as they establish the Hill Church. It is their firm belief that where the local church is effective in ministry, the city that church is in will flourish as the Gospel takes root. John and Amy desire to see Cleburne built up in all aspects of society that it may be a blessing to the surrounding areas as the Lord leads and guides.

One thought on “Our Story

  1. John, this is Tim Fox. A couple and their family that we attend church with have moved to the Nemo area. They are going to be looking for a new church home and Cleburne is about 20 minutes from their home, I told them about your new church start and they expressed interest. They are a mid-30’s couple who are mature in the Lord. Here is there email- Their names are Jeff and Sarah Beneze-



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